Why Kaz Koffee?

In my forty years of traveling the globe competing or commentating strength sports, my observations of many cultures led me to one constant, coffee. The beverage is universal, we drink coffee in the morning, often in the afternoon for a pick me up, and sometimes indulge over good conversation in the evening. 

The coffee industry has become commercialized as many industries in our society. Commercial companies looking to increase profits flash roast their beans, drastically decreasing the roast time to increase yields but inhibiting the coffee flavor.  I believe there is a better way to do coffee. A personal, less corporate way where customers are earned rather than bought. Kaz Koffee is imported through sustainable micro-lots worldwide, roasted in small batches allowing complete control during the roasting process and delivered to your doorstep in days. In a world full of large commercial coffee companies, Kaz Koffee stands apart as a small craft roaster focused on delivering fresh gourmet coffee.

At Kaz Koffee we believe coffee can lead to an even greater purpose. To live out this philosophy we donate 10% of profits to the YMCA, strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

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